Scammers watch out as I’m watching you…

Welcome to ” is a scam ” I am the new owner.

My name is Christelle and I will be your host at ” is a scam ” and welcome any articles you wish to include on this site so please go ahead and let me know your thoughts, likes and dislikes and providing you have a genuine story about scammers, I will publish it.

The aim of is a scam is to let people like you know what to look out for and who to trust (or not) and at least “those money making offers” I consider you should do some more research on before parting with your money to scammers.

Don’t worry, this is not a site that is going to slag the world just to make me feel good, there’s enough of those types of sites out there. I truly will give unbiased opinions about scammers and non scammers so that you can make the final decision with some information at hand.scammers

I want Sales Site owners, Franchises, Business Opportunities and other online companies who offer ways to earn some money to contact me with their overview so that I can display a balanced portfolio.

As there are always two sides to a story, “is a scam” will not print articles slagging off of any business or name people as scammers for the sake of it, but firstly will seek a genuine reply from the owner of the business in question prior to inclusion in an article or review.

One of the reasons I decided to launch this site was previous experience I had when investigating sites that were offering different ways to earn or make money. I wasted so much time and skipped some great opportunities through “unjustified reviews” that I found on the internet.

To my horror I found so many biased opinions out there from those that had not even spoken to business site owners or checked them out, they were just biased opinions from so called “experts” blowing off hot air just to get their name in print but possibly resulting in devastating effects for genuine businesses.

My research revealed several well known review sites had inexperienced commentators who knew nothing about what they werescammers writing about and even using cliches such as “…if it sounds too good then it probably is…” and “…If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck…”

All I can say is stay away from such idiotic review sites even if they have influential looking domain names including one with the word “Law” in it. This same site has so many spelling mistakes and bad grammar from so one of these so called “expert” spewing opinions including one blog in very large RED WRITING.

My advice is to take the wider approach and seek sites that have a more balanced and professional approach.

So my darlings, on my website ” is a scam ” I promise not give you my opinion on any business without firstly hearing(or trying) from both the owners and those that have joined it. If the owners don’t reply then I will feel justified to print your reviews and expose the scammers

You can leave me an article or review in the comment box and I will verify it prior to publication which helps me avoid getting flooded with spam advertising including everything from tractors to suspenders.


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